#Trash The Brief

Become a Creator

#Trash The Brief

Become a Creator

The Revolution of Video begins here.

No more brief, no more mandatories: only great creativity. Monetize now your video productions. Thousands of brands are looking for your ideas.

#1Brands Need Stories

Who we look for

Videomakers, production companies and YouTubers ready to upload their videos specifically made for web, social networks, and digital channels.

Choose your way

Sample Video: share the format you have in mind. Upload your demo.

Ready Video: your productions, ready to be purchased. Upload your video.

fold Brief in
half long-ways
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#2Earn now Earn forever

Start making money from your videos.

Earn every time a brand chooses your story and quickly get worldwide visibility.

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fold in half again


to our platform by filling the form.


your video productions.


every time a brand chooses your video.
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The human creativity engine

Inspired by Sharing Economy, Mosaicoon allows worldwide Creators to monetize their video projects while enabling brands to quickly realize powerful video strategies.

Founded in 2010, Mosaicoon is now the most awarded Italian tech firm in Europe, with offices in Isola, London, Madrid, Milan, New Delhi, Rome, Seoul and Singapore.

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